Spikenard (Aralia racemosa) 1oz

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Spikenard, also called muskroot, is a perennial, aromatic herb in the same family as valerian. It is an herb of antiquity that is mentioned several times in the Bible and its sweet, musky aroma is referenced by the king in the Song of Solomon. Because the herb is historically used to banish fleas, spikenard is also known as fleabane. The plant is native to the Himalayan Mountain regions of India, China and Nepal, where it is known as nardin or nard and is used to produce a highly fragrant essential oil for the perfume and cosmetic industries. The root, which has a flavor similar to anise, is used to sweeten teas and other beverages.

Common Uses:

cosmetic Infuse in oil or tincture for use in various skin care products.
culinary Use spikenard root to flavor soups and stews. The herb may also be used in tea blends.


1oz dried Spikenard