Spearmint leaf (Mentha spicata) 1oz

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Spearmint is a species of mint that grows throughout North America, Europe, Africa and parts of Asia. Like most mints, spearmint has a variety of culinary and practical uses. The leaf, fresh or dried, is used to flavor beverages, most notably the mint julep cocktail and the sweet tea enjoyed in summer in the southern U.S. Spearmint is also tinctured and used to make a flavoring extract for baked goods and beverages. The dried leaf is also a common ingredient in tea blends and is used to season foods, especially Middle Eastern dishes. Powdered spearmint is used to make a variety of cosmetic preparations, as well as herbal toothpaste, tooth powder and mouthwash.

Common Uses:

cosmetic Use infused spearmint oil and alcohol tinctures of the herb to make soap, shampoo, lotions and other cosmetics.
decorative Add to herbal pillows and sachets.
culinary Brew alone or with other herbs as tea. The herb is also used as seasoning in Indian cuisine.
household Place teabags of spearmint in areas where rodent activity has been observed to discourage their return.
aromatic Alcoholic extracts of spearmint are used in perfumery.
industrial Steam vapor of infused mint has been used to freshen the air in hospitals.

1oz Spearmint leaf dried