Sage (Salvia Oddixinalis) 1oz

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Sage is a Mediterranean herb in the mint family that most Americans are familiar with as seasoning for Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing. The plant's history is much older than that of the New World, however, and is still a favorite ornamental and culinary herb in many Old World gardens and pantries. Its name literally translates to "prophet" or "wise one". Some etymologists speculate that this is because its branching can resemble a candelabra, an instrument that sheds light on what is hidden or unknown. In any case, this symbol of wisdom is as useful in tea blends, body powders, dental products and hair rinses as it is in poultry and stuffing seasoning.
Common uses:
cosmetic Infuse in hot water to make a final rinse for dark hair. A strong sage infusion may also be used as a gargle and mouthwash.
decorative Add to potpourri, wreaths and other botanical displays.
culinary Use to make tea. The dried leaves may also be crumbled and added to soups, casseroles and other foods.

1oz dried Sage