Poppy Seeds (Papaver somniferum) 1oz

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Poppy, also known as Iceland poppy, Oriental poppy and opium poppy, gets its botanical name from a Latin word that means “to bring sleep.” The herbaceous plant produces a vibrant red flower that has come to be associated with the blood-stained World War I battlefield at Flanders, and therefore the remembrance of fallen war soldiers. The plant also produces an edible seed, which is used in various world cuisines. In central Europe, for instance, poppy seed is made into a paste as a filling for makowiec, a type of pastry made from rolled yeast bread. Combined with ground coconut, roasted poppy seed is an ingredient in curry paste.

culinary Use to flavor bagels, pastries, pretzels, cakes and candies, as well as coleslaw and salad dressings. In the Middle East, poppy seeds are added to chutneys, curries, kormas, roasted root vegetables, casseroles and au gratin dishes. They are also fried in butter just until fragrant and then mixed into hot pasta.
safety There are no known safety concerns with normal use.


1oz dried Poppy Seeds