Damiana (Turnera diffusa) 1oz

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Damiana is a small, aromatic shrub native to Central America, South America, Mexico, the Caribbean and the southwestern U.S. For centuries, native peoples have enjoyed the leaf prepared as a sweetened tea. Damiana is also a traditional ingredient in Mexican liquors. In fact, the herb was reputedly used as the key flavoring agent in the liquor used to make the original margarita. Due to a reputation for rousing excitability, damiana is prohibited in some regions. Elsewhere, the fresh leaf is added to salads and the dried to tea blends.

Common Uses:

cosmetic Use to make infused oils and poultices for topical use.
culinary The dried herb is prepared as tea. It can also be sprinkled lightly over salads, soups and cooked vegetables.
safety May interfere with certain medications and pose a risk of toxicity with high dosages.
1oz dried Damiana