260ml Lady Bug Humidifier - Blue

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Product Features:
1. Purification: Car aromatherapy humidifier will release a large number of negative ions in the atomization process, can effectively remove floating smoke, dust, formaldehyde, bacteria, etc in the air.
2. Humidification: Uses ultrasonic atomization technology turn water into 6um ultra-small droplets with 113KHz frequency, the essential oils spread more evenly, essential oils of natural fragrance, air insulation, make skin more comfortable
3. Aromatherapy: A ""aromatherapy"" that conveys essential oils through the ""skin system"" and ""respiratory system"". Essential oils can be quickly incorporated into human blood and lymph, promote metabolism and enhance immunity.
Product Parameters:
1. Operating voltage: USB-DC5V
2. Use power: 1.5W-3.5W
3. Water tank capacity: 260 ml
4. Spray amount: 25 ml / hour
5. Material: ABS + metal + silica gel
6. Applicable area: 30-40 square meters
7. Operating time: to prevent dry, the electricity is turned off automatically about 5 hours
1. Switch Description: Touch the switch key, switch humidifier; quickly touch the two switches, switch night light
2. The product is prohibited to use under the condition of water shortage
3. Appropriate temperature of using is 0-45 ℃
4. Please avoid children to touch the product
5. When the product is not used, you need to pour out all water in time and placed in a dry place
6. The product is applicable: children's room, bedroom, toilet, living room, office, car, outdoor
7. Soak cotton swabs one day and one night before being used, to ensure cotton swab absorb water adequately in order to ensure the amount of atomization; if the time is too short , due to lack of cotton swab, resulting in no fog or small fog or frog volume will be small for a small, etc
Package include:
1 pcs steam humidifier