Herbal Wines

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Herbal Wines

As if we need a reason to drink more wine.

Herbal wine is wine with a herb(s) added.  

  • Before dinner - use bitter herb like wormwood, which stimulates the brain, digestive tract and liver. You only need shot glass size if white wine. Drink 30 minutes before dinner.
  • After dinner - use herbs like cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, ginger, cloves, and/or nutmeg. Helps digestive tract by increasing blood flow.

Grind the herbs just before you add them to the wine, let the herbs soak in the wine for 4 hours then strain out the herbs using a coffee filter.

Wine has a lower % of alcohol than vodka, so it does not have as long of shelf life. The herbal wine will store on average of 6 months. Note if the wine you select is high in sugars, it could start the fermentation process again, which will increase the % of alcohol.

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