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Ever wondered where Granny gets the colors for bath bombs, soaps, and candles?

Granny’s Herbs utilize natural ingredients to add color to bath bombs, soaps, and candles.  Colorants are used by itself or blend with other primary colors for unique products, such as bath bombs, fizzes, and soap.

Natural coloring for products normally come from herbs, spices, clay, or natural minerals.  Below depicts the various methods for obtaining color for Granny’s Herbs products.

  • Snowy white - Coconut Oil
  • Cream color- Olive Oil
  • Caramel color - Milk
  • Grey/black – Activated Charcoal
  • Brown – 1.  Coffee – infused coffee in the oil, brewed coffee vs water, or add instant coffee at trace.  2.  Cocoa – deep dark brown  3.  Cinnamon and cloves
  • Reds and Pinks – Hibiscus flowers gentle red soap, Madder Root infused in oil deep red, Moroccan red clay brick red color, sorrel infused in oil is soft pink, Lady’s Bedstraw Root infused in oil is coral pink, tomato puree is red
  • Yellow. Gold, and Orange – Cayenne and Paprika infused oil salmon color, Safflower infused or ground is deep yellow to orange,Turmeric is bright yellow to warm amber depending on amount, Annatto seeds infuse in oil buttery gold color, Buriti oil is deep orange added at trace bright yellow to citrus orange, orange juice, carrot juices
  • Purple – Alkanet – lavender to muted blue, Rattan jot power deep brownish purple color add to lye solution, Red Sandalwood steep in oil nice warm purple
  • Blue – Woad leaves blue to blue-green color, Indigo Root is natural blue, Alkanet Root flowers produce blue and roots produce red
  • Green – French Green Clay is pale green, herbs like alfalfa, dill, parsley, sage, kale, peppermint are muted green, Spirulina powder is bright green and mellows to mossy green with age, Henna powder is deep olive color
  • Micas and oxides - produce pale colors from Iron Oxide, Ultramarines, Aluminum Hydroxide, Chromium Oxide, and Titanium Dioxide

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